The Problem

Vijay (name changed) got 74% marks in grade 12 boards. He dropped a year and then his family took a loan to send him to a private engineering college. An engineer now, he doesn’t have the skills to get a job. Moreover his family is under debt adding to the existing financial stress.

Like Vijay, children from low income families have the urgency to pick a career but aren’t making right choices.

An internal study of 392 students suggest 88% of students in grade 11 and 12 in government schools are not able to articulate what they should do to achieve their career objectives. They have no concrete actionables, only a set of dreams they hope to pursue. This leads to poor career choices resulting in infact a loss of resources for the family and frustration in themselves.

Due to misaligned goals and lack of guidance, a majority of young adults in India post school do not end up in education, employment or training.