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Alohomora — Changing Education as We Know It

This young innovative organisation, Alohomora (Gurgaon-based), is leveraging digital literacy and bringing in project and discussion based learning to develop children’s faculties in underserved communities

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The better india

This IIT-IIM Alumnus Quit His Corporate Career to Empower Students and Make Them Decision-Makers.

Alomohora, an organisation that wishes to unlock the minds of children and give them a safe space where they can explore and learn.

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These IIT-IIM & University Of Michigan Alumni Are Making Leaders Out Of Children In Delhi Govt Schools.

Alohomora’s self-directed and peer learning based program design was recognised as one in six top ideas globally for “Rethinking Education” by the World Bank Group Youth Summit 2016.

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news with chai

#Alohomora.Org : Unlocking Children’s Mind & Potential

‘Children for Change’ workshop, Children learn the problem solving skills and get sensitized to the social reality. They are ready to get involved in the implementation of their exciting solutions.