Our Program

We have a two year structured program for students in 11-12 grades enrolled in schools of under-served urban communities. We leverage technology and partnerships with industry experts to enable independent learning of skills and knowledge required for students to plan for careers that are aligned to their interests, strengths and opportunities available in the world.


Confidence ka safar

  1. Develop self-belief through student led platforms like Student-Teacher Samvaad, Information Mela and Confidence Mahotsav

  2. Learn to use the internet safely and productively to access information

  3. Build exposure and basic skills needed for various industries through experiential learning projects that have been co-designed by industry professionals.

  4. Assess own skills, interest and aptitude match for making career choices post 12th Grade.

Sapno ka safar

  1. Deepen skills and understanding of an industry in peer learning based student groups.

  2. Connect with industry professionals and organizations

  3. Use our Career Canvas to create a concrete action plan for choices after school towards realizing a career aspiration