Our Mission

To empower 1 million young adults* to pursue interest aligned learning and career opportunities by 2025

*young adults: 14-22 year olds

The Problem

An internal study of 370 students suggest 92% of students in grade 11 and 12 in government schools are not able to articulate what they should do to achieve their career objectives. They have dreams and unique strengths but no concrete actionables.

They take up courses and jobs misaligned with their aptitude and with poor growth prospects. This results in infact a loss of resources for the families who invest in these courses  and frustration in themselves.

Our Program

Making a career choice requires awareness of self and the world of opportunities aligned with their interest. It requires immersion through experiential projects which give students the exposure and the self belief to make informed choices. Our two year structured program for students in 11-12 grades enrolled in schools of under-served urban communities, does just that.

We leverage technology and partnerships with industry experts to enable independent learning of skills and knowledge required for students to plan for careers that are aligned to their interests, strengths and the diverse opportunities available in this new age.

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App based curriculum delivery.

App based curriculum delivery.

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Community Leads Fellowship


Our facilitators are community youth (18-23 years) pursuing graduation from open colleges, who are from similar under-served communities as we work in. Many are alumni of our partner schools.

These facilitators go through our intensive 2 year fellowship program. Through these 2 years, they emerge as leaders capable of taking charge of their learning and also empower young adults they directly work with.

We support them to prepare for and move towards their own interest aligned career aspirations.

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