STUDENT'S CORNER: What does ANALP mean to me

Almost all our first sessions with students, teachers and shareholders alike begin with an introduction and explanation about our program. It's great to hear our stakeholders's perspective about our program, but nothing can beat the feeling when our students articulate and share their thoughts about the program. 

This sunday, one of our student, Pratibha Priya from Aya Nagar sent us a very insightful e-mail sharing with us what our ANALP means to her and we thought it was worth sharing with all of you. So here goes.. 

Alohomora education

My name is Pratibha Priya and I want to become a commissioner. I am in 6th standard. I learned to bake cake from internet with my three friends. I also developed my skill of communication and talk to people without fear. I even did my homework and search questions which I am curious about though internet. My dream  is really big so l am slowly starting to plan for it though the information from internet. The program was really helpful to me and l am sure it will be helpful to a lot more like me in future.   

On 23rd October Sunday we had a showcase about what we have learned in the program. We learned things which were interested in. We learned independently on our own though internet. Some learned to Hair styles , magic trick, stitching,art & craft. Parents also came and saw their kids learn. It was a nice day for everyone present over there.

Analp ( Alohomora new age leadership program ) unlocking minds means to learn more and more because there is no limit to our learning. The purpose of starting this program is to train kids to be successful in 21st century. There are kids who dream to become commissioner,doctor etc but how to become , which exam to give they don't know. They do not have information. There are kids who are passionate about some sports, dance, singing etc but they do not have some on who can teach them. The program can be helpful to these kids and they should join our program to learn things which they are interested in though internet. 

       Written by -Pratibha Priya 

Pratibha and her friends sharing what they did as part of their independent learning project!


Her article once again re-iterated a sense of possibility in us and  gave us hope that anything is possible. With this article, we start our students corner- a space for students to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions through this blog. 

Stay tuned for more blogs written by out student writers..