On a bright Saturday morning, student-facilitators from Gurgoan, Ayanagar and Sangam Vihar communities came together for their first all facilitator training. The theme of the day was Exploration (KHOJ). We wanted our facilitators to be Explorer/Khojees and also get to know each other better. For this we planned three diverse sessions to help our facilitator wonder, question and learn to work in a team.

The first session was facilitated by Riddhi Didi. The session which was an expression session was planned to enable children to articulate and think deeper about a very simple yet critical question “WHO AM I?’’. We wanted to start the day on a high note, this session interspersed fun with exploration. Riddhi Didi started the session with a few warm-up activities, thereby making all students alert, alive and enthusiastic for the rest of the session. A lot of laughter ensued while warming up after which we all sang a chirpy, happy song “Mera Joota hain Japani” and Pari hoon main” Everyone had fun singing and learning the lyrics of this famous song, after which, we were asked to make our own lyrics using the song as a reference reflecting upon ourselves and our personality. Initially, it was hard, but as time passed, we got to know more about ourselves and delve deeper too.  We received some fantastic responses,

Mera kurta hain safed
Sar par baalo vali choti
Rahti hoon sangam vihar mein
Phir bhi karti hoon masti
— Uma, Sangam Vihar
Main apni jindagi ka lakshya khojne chali hoon
Kar rahi koshish tension lete lete
— Khushboo, Neev
Mein hava hoon. Logoko ko thandak pohchata hoon
— Kaushal, Ayanagar

After this amazing session, the room was brimming with energy. It was truly an enriching and thought-provoking session. The facilitators were all geared up for the next session by Durgha didi.

Durgha didi had something fun in store for all of the facilitators, an activity whose purpose was manifold. The students were in for an exciting yet challenging activity. The activity called “Pipes&Marbles” had students forming groups of 7-8 members, working together to help the marble reach its right destination. But hey.. it was not simple, the marbles had to be manoeuvred using only pipes and there were a set of rules which made the task ahead “Mission Impossible.’’ The facilitators were given 40 minutes to complete the task which also involved planning and execution. The first 2-3 tries were quite disastrous, after which teams got a sense of how to make the task ahead achievable. After identifying the problems, the teams brainstormed again, and with renewed energy started the task all over again. There were a few close misses, finally the students were successful with the task. After an exhausting and energetic 40 minutes, students were debriefed on a few questions involving team work and the sort of questions they need to ask to work effectively.

The last session planned for the day revolved around “Socrates questioning” which was led by Divakar Bhaiya. Bhaiya shed some light on the need for questioning and the role it plays in our day-day lives, following which facilitators were grouped into teams of 5 and were given a few topics on which they could apply the Socrates questioning method. Students began to reflect and think critically and come up with questions which could deepen their understanding. By the end of session, students felt more equipped with the usage of this method and understood the importance of it in our lives.

The day ended on a happy note with cake-cutting and singing. All our Khojees bid us goodbye with smiling faces and eyes filled with curiosity. What more could we have asked? We cannot wait to lead more trainings like this in the future.