Alohomora @ Raahgiri

We've been spending some energizing Sunday mornings for the past two week! Raahgiri Day is a fantastic example of Design Thinking coming to life.
How do you deal with the excessive traffic and subsequent pollution levels in urban cities like Gurgaon? Block some main roads to cycle, dance, be part of a scavenger hunt , play football on the streets and really do anything else you want except drive. Make citizens aware of the benefits of being socially conscious about using cars, and spend a fun Sunday morning with your friends and family! There is really nothing to lose. Perfect example of how powerful problem-solving skills can be.  

Here's to hoping Alohomora students also develop such creative ideas for pressing social issues in our "Children for Change" events. 

 We've been planning activites at their Gurgaon location, to build some excitement in citizens and engage them to think creatively about road safety, pollution, cleanliness. Participants experienced walking on the streets blind-folded to think of ideas to make road blind friendly, created some colorful street art with chalk, cleaned up the roads while on a scavenger hunt, and identified zebra-crossings that needed to be repainted, among other fun. 

Uploading some pictures here. Bring your friends and family along next time we're there!